Who we are. Significantly improving the lives of families in the Waterside area

The parish of All Saints Clooney in Londonderry, N.Ireland has a sterling track record of promoting and enabling local and cross/inter/cross-border community activities, culture, and education. Spanning over 150 years, the parish has lead and hosted a diverse range of activities based in both the church building and the parish’s hall, formerly known as the Stewart Memorial Hall. Beginning life as a national school in 1882, the Stewart Hall has been greatly used over the decades by an array of local community organisations and groups.

In recent years the parish’s work has continued to grow and develop with the Stewart Hall being used as a base for local organisations and clubs including – Young People [FUEL], Elderly activities, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Indoor Bowling Club, Ladies Guild, and Savings Club. Furthermore, the Stewart Hall has been hired and used as a neutral shared space for various cross-community, and inter-community activities – everything from flower arranging, to jumble sales, through to pipe band practices.

In 2007 the parish made a final decision to replace the outdated Stewart Hall with a building that would not only serve the parish needs, but also, the wider community of the Waterside of Londonderry. With the appointment of the new Rector in 2008, the Revd MRK Ferry, the project gained substantial momentum. Within a short period, the parish’s legacy of social/community/charitable work was formally constituted under “All Saints Caring Association” [ASCA]. Not long after, ASCA received significant funding from the International Fund for Ireland [IFI] for their envisioned “Community Hall.” Furthermore, ASCA received subsequent funding from IFI in 2011 towards a family focused “Community Empowerment Project,” giving the existing work of ASCA a significant economic boost, and also, enabling ASCA to pursue other projects that address the needs of the local community.

With the appointment of a full-time Project Coordinator, and a full-time Youth and Family Worker in October 2011, ASCA positively evolved even further. 2013 now promises to be the beginning of an even greater phase in the life of ASCA. With the opening of the new “community hall,” and the development and implementation of an effective strategic plan, ASCA’s “Community Empowerment Project” promises to positively impact the Waterside in new and exciting ways through three empirically identified “transformational themes”: Community, Health & Well-being, and Education and Skills.