About Us. A Legacy of Community Empowerment

For over 150 years, the Parish of All Saints Clooney In Londonderry has enabled promoted, supported, and led various cross-community, and inter-community activities in the Waterside. Set within the densely populated Ebrington Ward — a TSN area within the top 10% of most deprived communities, the 83rd most multiply deprived ward of 582 wards in Northern Ireland — The Stewart Memorial Hall, recently demolished in preparation for a new multifunctional community hall, has been the epicentre of this work. Built in 1882, the hall has regularly served a wide variety of local organisations, clubs, and cultural activities including: uniformed organisation such as Scouts and Guides, Youth [weekend social events, cross-community and cross-border activities], Ladies Guild, Savings Club, Indoor Bowling Club, and hire which has seen everything from flower shows, to jumble sales, through to pipe band practices. Following an intensive professional Economic Appraisal in December 2009, the hall was deemed archaic and unsuitable for modern use, and a new improved multifunctional shared space/facility was recommend.

With their new shared-space open, All Saints Caring Association [ASCA] has audacious strategic plans to expand and develop this sterling legacy of social/cross — and inter — community work in line with their vision – to significantly improve the lives of families in the Waterside area through relevant services and activities. Beneficiaries include the current aforementioned groups, but also, widely, families of the Waterside area. Specifically, Men’s, Women’s, Elderly, Youth, Parent and Toddlers, groups, offering a relevant range of services and activities based on three of the greatest needs – Education & Skills, Community, and Health & Well-being